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My Thoogie Love

Title: Through the Tough Times
Author: Swimcrush
Pairing: Pieter/Ian
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Fiction, but in my heart we know!
Author's notes: I have to start my swimslash with a tribute to my beloved Thoogie. I know it sounds strange but they are the OTP and I truly believe that too. I just miss them so...they both looked so sad this week in Beijing. Anyway, I wrote this last summer for the boys.
Also: All errors are mine and it's been awhile so hopefully it's not too messy.

Through the Tough Times

They say that in a truly successful relationship you take turns carrying each other through the tough times.

Pieter and Ian had that loving balance between them. They were always there for one another, sometimes not physically but always in mind and spirit. Each one lifting the other and bearing his weight until he could be strong again.

Watching them together, it was easy to see that they are made for each other. One seemed to begin were the other ended and so on in a continuous circle of caring and love.


As the two men prepared to leave for China, they quietly wondered who could carry the other this time…

Pieter’s marriage had been hard. He’d stalled as long as he could. They managed to handle the wedding. A child though…as joyful as both men were with the birth, they understood she was a permanent connection that would constantly pull Pieter to another world, another life further away from Ian.

Ian’s retirement came much too early, shrouded in rumors and innuendos. Emotionally more than physically exhausted, he assumed his departure would squelch the media circus that was his life. Unfortunately, he was wrong and he didn’t know how much more he could take.


Pieter and Ian collapsed into each other’s encompassing embrace the moment they saw one another. Quiet tears for one and heavy sobs for the other but the same love and pain.

This time they would carry each other.
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Short, sweet but oh so to the point. Nice way of starting it off.
:-D I love the optimism in this story! :-D
Nothing can keep the boys apart....!
:-DDD It was so nice to read this.
Thank you for writing it!
Thank you for the wonderful feedback!! Yes, we must help them their love alive!! They both looked so sad in Beijing I have to keep writing for them!!

It's good to see the old Thoogie gang back, too!
*hugs* Lacy
OMG, I was waiting for THIS such a long time...

Thank you Hun!!! I need the Thoogie love more than ever... Ian retired, now Piet will do the same... :-( *heartbroken*
You will continue this. Right?? *scary*

Kisses from Hungary, Csilla
Oh, thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!! I know, I need to write/read about them as I miss them so much!! After I saw the photos of Pieter and Ian in Beijing and how they both looked I have to write their happily ever after!!

Stay tune as I will be posting more of their love story!

Deleted comment

I really appreciate the feedback!! My Thoogie writing is so important especially now...sadness.
Beautiful,very deep.
Love the boys.
Thank you so much for the feedback!! I just wanted to do them justice, they love each other so!
Sweet! I miss the boys!
Thanks!!! I truly appreciate the feedback!!

I miss them too! Especially, when I saw the photo of Pieter after the 100m and Ian in the stand both looking so sad! *sniff*
Aw. How the hell ass did I miss this? Did you post this on your regular journal? I've totally been thinking about the Thoogie dolls I have.
Im not sure where I posted it! Glad you like it! I've been looking at my dolls too! I miss them so much!! I'm doing better now! I'll try to get you on yahoo later this evening!!
Hey girlie. I was actually going to go down for a nap so that I can get back up in a few hours and catch my favorite Aussie girl before she goes into surgery tomorrow.

Hope you're doing well!

<3 u bestest girl!