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Fic: Swan Song

Pairing: Ian Thorpe / Pieter van den Hoogenband
Summary: In honor of Pieter's last swim.
Rating: NC-17. Swimming champions would do with nothing less.
Author's Notes: The titles in this story, when combined, make up Langston Hughes' Poem, borrowed here with all due respect and love for this brilliant poet.
Disclaimer: They're not gay as far as we know, I'm not making any money out of this, nor sticking religiously to every single detail, and you won't sue or flame me. Works for everyone, I hope.
Heartfelt love: Goes out to my extraordinary beta, soar38, and to my amazing banner-maker, dazzamre. Their help goes far beyond the usual "job" description and I adore them thoroughly.

2000: Poem (click 'Swan Song' on the left side bar)

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