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I've founded these pics about Pieter today...

Look at his forehead:

But most important--------------------> his face.....

I'm still thinking, that marriage (with Minouche) is not for him.....

Look at those pics!!!!!!!!!! he looks like some good old 40 years old man... Don't you think??

And sooo tired and stressed and old...

I remember the pics with Ian------ happy and calm.....

Soooo here ar the pics:  Piet with Grant now:

Pieter with Ian:

What you think?

And i think is obvious for everybody, how much loves Piet Australia, and how much love the aussies Piet....

Some another details to that fact:  Pieter said that:

"In Athens, Kieren Perkins made me the compliment of saying that if an Australian could not win a race, then in Australia, they will support me," he said.

"If I am going to win that missing title this is the best place and best country to do it." (about Oz)

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