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Fic: Let's Say Goodbye to Swimming

I haven’t posted in a loooooong time, but after the list of fics that I needed to finished reached gargantuan proportions I realized I needed to get some of them done! :)

So here’s one. Hope it can get everyone back into a Thoogie mood!

x-posted a few places.

Title: Let’s Say Goodbye to Swimming
Fandom: RPS Swimming
Pairing: Pieter van den Hoogenband/Ian Thorpe
Timeline: December 2008
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: 041. Race
Warnings: Run on sentences ahoy. Not beta'd. Boy smexing. Adultery. Kinda sad.
A/N: I have a lot of pieces started that go back as far as Athens for Thoogie (that I eventually will finish, but I decided to finally finish one that relates to a more recent event: Piet’s retirement party. Finishing it up in celebration of little Sander (born 09.13.09). Not sure an NC-17 slash fic is the most appropriate way to welcome a new baby but I figured it was the best I could do. :-P

This would be the last time.

Pieter had felt the tears burning in his eyes when he saw Ian’s message. And a few had clouded his vision, watching him walk toward him. He had opened his arms and closed his eyes as his basked in the smell and feel of Ian’s body against his. This had been the last thing he had expected during his retirement celebration but the one thing he had longed for most. Later, as he walked by, he caught Minouche’s eye and she gave him a small smile, followed by a quick nod. He leaned over to hug her and whisper, “Thank you.”

Despite his wife’s acceptance of Ian, Pieter knew he couldn’t have both. And the retirement from swimming came with the price of saying goodbye to intimacy with Ian. Despite Ian being retired, Pieter had always felt swimming and Ian were intertwined. Languid laps in the warm up pool, the muscles in his body contracting as he dove into the water at the beginning of a race, and the adrenaline he felt in the last 25 meters in the pool; they all were identical to the way Ian’s tongue felt trailing against his chest, the way he felt when Ian made love to him, and the ecstasy they shared in their orgasms.

Pieter had finally left the pool in August. And here, in Ian’s hotel room, this would be the last time Pieter would share the emotions of swimming with Ian.

The door was barely shut when Ian’s mouth was on his, warm, and tasting of spearmint gum. Pieter tugged on Ian’s shirt and they went back and forth, from removing a piece of clothing to their lips clashing until they were finally naked. Pieter was pressed up against the wall, his fingers clawing for purchase against the wallpaper as Ian’s mouth worked its magic, hollowing out as he sucked Pieter’s cock greedily.

Pieter’s back arched, hands scratching at the wall, but Ian pressed his hips back holding him in place as he bobbed his head a few times before slowly taking Pieter in his mouth, all the way down, relaxing his throat as he went. A needy groan escaped Pieter’s lips and Ian slowly let up, tonguing the head of Pieter’s cock and then pulling back with a slick pop.

Pieter sagged against the wall, his chest heaving and Ian laughed. Pieter smiled and slid to his knees, capturing Ian’s mouth in a kiss. “I need you Ian.” Ian ran a hand through Pieter’s curls and placed soft kisses down his collarbone.

“For old time’s sake?”

“For the last time.”

Ian smiled sadly but all was forgotten as Pieter stroked him roughly. “I’m out of practice.” He whispered and Ian chuckled. Pieter pulled Ian up and moved him backward, letting him topple onto the bed. “Can I fuck you?” Pieter asked, tonguing Ian’s bellybutton and stroking his prick.

Ian groaned. “You know you can.” Pieter smiled. Ian shakily lifted his hand and pointed silently to his jeans. Pieter found his wallet there, with a condom concealed between some cash. “Lube?” he asked, and Ian laughed. “Bathroom.” Pieter grabbed it from Ian’s toiletry bag and came back to see Ian lazily stroking himself. A breath caught in Pieter’s chest and he bit his lip.

Ian’s eyes were glazed and he smiled. “Fuck me Piet. And let’s say goodbye to swimming.”

Pieter ripped the condom and, stroking himself a few times, rolled it down over his cock. Ian started to turn to his stomach but Pieter stopped him with a hand. “No, I want to see you. Your face.” He said softly and Ian kissed him. Pieter flipped the cap up on the lube and squeezed a good amount into his palm. “Been awhile?” he asked Ian hoping the answer would be – “Yeah,” – and then he smiled and squeezed out a bit more, rubbing it between his fingers.

Ian lay on the bed, breathing heavy, with one knee up. Pieter didn’t move his gaze from Ian’s eyes but slipped his fingers between Ian’s legs and rubbed gently, slicking his ass and slipping a finger into him. Ian cried out and pre-cum oozed from his cock. “C’mon Hoogie. I can take it. Let’s do this.” Pieter sank onto the bed and pulled Ian closer, raising his leg and wrapping it around his waist. He leaned in and pressed his prick against Ian, feeling his body give way a little.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck.” Pieter gritted his teeth as Ian arched his back, his hands digging into the sheets moaning, and slid in a little further. Ian grunted and Pieter felt Ian’s body tighten around him, sending a lightning bolt of pleasure down his body. “You okay?” he asked breathlessly.

Ian moaned but nodded. Pieter pushed again and Ian cried out, rising up onto his elbows, pushing down against Pieter. “Shiiiiiit.” Pieter lolled his head back in pleasure from the friction and couldn’t help but buck his hips a little. A crash of pleasure rolled over his body and he couldn’t stay like this anymore; he had to move. With every thrust Ian groaned and tightened around Pieter making Pieter moan in return. Ian slung an arm loosely around Pieter’s shoulders and they kissed; sloppy and wet, tongues in rhythm with Pieter’s cock.

Pieter closed his eyes, letting the rhythm take over his body; the feeling of being inside Ian and how it felt so familiar and so new at the same time. He rolled his hips forward again and again and could almost hear the waves of the water slapping against the edge of the pool, only to realize it was his skin slapping against Ian’s. His heart was pounding and his muscles bunched, causing beads of sweat to trickle down his forehead. He heard Ian moaning, almost as if it was far away, like the cheers of the crowd as he turned at the 75 meter mark to swim for home. His thrusts began to become erratic as he started to lose control and he felt his orgasm pooling low in his belly. But he bit his lip and tried to hold on, feeling the adrenaline pummel through his body and wanting to remember this moment forever.

Finally the feeling overtook him and he came screaming, reaching out for something to grab onto. His fingers found the smooth headboard and for the briefest of seconds, he thought it was the cement wall of the pool he was touching. And then the cheers from the crowd rose again as he heard Ian come, moaning his name over and over again.
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