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Old News But Good News?

Hello there all. It's been over a year since anyone has posted here, but I know that there must be some of you still out there, lurking in the shadows and waiting with baited breath for more news about our favorite Athens 2004 Olympic OTP.

First I bring some new news about each of them, though unfortunately not together:

1. Ian Thorpe is maybe (possibly, okay, probably not) training for London 2012.
2. Pieter van den Hoogenband is 100% not kidding going to space camp.

And in the old but amazing news that I am disappointed no one ever posted about:
This whole thing, from what I have gathered, was put together by Johan Kenkhuis, who was one of Pieter's swimming BFFs (he was one of the members of the silver-winning 4x100 freestyle relay team in Athens) and has been out as a gay man since forever (1 of only 11 out in Athens!) 

What is it? Back in the Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam in 2009 there was a group of Dutch athletes that came together to raise awareness in the fight for fairness in sports for homosexuals. Among those swimmers and notable names that attended (that are relevant to our interest) are: Johan Kenkhuis, Inge de Bruijn, Pieter and his brother Robert van den Hoogenband. 

IDEK, but it is pretty amazing if you ask me! Not only is Pieter's picture featured several times on the webpage but he also has an interview (all of the aforementioned do, if you want to watch them please look here, here, and here. Unfortunately I cannot download these videos but if anyone figures out how to, please let me know as I want them on my hard drive right now!) 

Ian was totally watching from the shadows, no lie. (Okay it is a lie, but it would be a great idea for a story. Or something.) 

Oh and bonus! Pieter looking amazing!

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